• Juice Up EV

Faster, Cleaner, Cheaper, and Fun!

1. EVs are FASTER! Go ahead - you can be environmentally conscious and have fun in a fast EV or Plug In Hybrid car. With instant torque, they zip off the line at the stop light, surge during lane changes on the highway, and corner tightly with a low center of gravity from the battery. The fastest cars in the world 0-60 are electric.

2. EVs are CLEANER! With less particulates emitted into the air, EVs and plug in cars raise the local quality of the air and limit air pollution that can impact the young, the old, and anyone with asthma or other breathing issues. Now let's talk about global warming. According to the EPA, 30% of CO2 emissions in the US is from transportation. If you want to keep the earth from continuing to heat up, you can take charge and put a plug on your car. An electric car utilizing the grid is as clean on average in the US to a gas car getting 80 MPG (Forbes). The electrical grid is getting cleaner each year through solar, wind, and alternative energy development so by shifting to electricity as the fuel that moves us we are eliminating pollution at the source and reducing pollution emissions of the grid. It's a great way to make a dent in the CO2 emissions causing the global rise of seawater that is threatening the future of our planet.

3. EVs are CHEAPER! When you look at how much you spend on a car over the life of the vehicle, EVs are cheaper! Gas cars soon become a money pit of oil changes, repairs, and gas fill ups. With gas alone, the EPA estimates it costs 65 cents more per gallon to fill up your tank than with an equivalent amount of  electricity in Massachusetts. Full EV cars, like the Chevy Bolt, Nissan Leaf, and Hyundai Ioniq are available for under $20,000 after discounts / incentives through the Drive Green program of the Green Energy Consumer Union. ( When you take a look at total cost of car ownership over the life of a car, including the sticker price, fuel costs, yearly repairs, and long term repairs, electric cars are cheaper (Bloomberg) and will become more so!

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